What is BLT Art ?


BLT stands for Bears, Lighthouses, and Trains. These 3 items are found in each of the artist’s paintings. This is the authenticity of her work.

The items can be in different forms such as:

Bears can be related to a paw print, toy bear, real bear(s), or in word form.

Lighthouses can be in the image or parts that make up a lighthouse (lens, tower, etc).

Trains can be the real item, in toy form, materials that are associated with trains, clothing, or form of words.

The intention is vision awareness. If you can see these items - please think in terms of what a person with no sight or low/impaired vision sees. They would love to see what you can see in the pictures.

It took a lot of scientists, doctors, and lab technicians, many years, to find a cure for various diseases - simply by looking through a microscope!  Yes…sharp clear vision!

The need for ongoing eye tests is important to preserve your sight and to help protect our future generations.

It is the artist's goal to donate a percentage of the proceeds of every print sold to the blind community and blind research organizations to help discover a cure for the various diseases leading to blindness.


In the near future, watch for new announcements of upcoming animal shelter relief events. There will be pets added along with the BLT items. There also will be special events for lighthouse and train restorations. Stay tuned!


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